I will update this often with prayers and praises. Join in the journey with me and see how God is working! I appreciate your thoughts and prayers!


~ I am still recovering from Guillain-Barre Syndrome, trying to build endurance & strength, and looking forward to when my feet no longer go numb! Please pray for me as I transition back to the Philippines and face the challenge of still dealing with these residual symptoms.

~ Our organization is starting a ministry in Cambodia! Laying the ground for being able to offer maternity care to some floating villages. The homes literally float out on a large lake, making access to healthcare limited, as you can imagine.
(I was blessed to travel to Cambodia in November 2013 and be a part of the ministry there, offering prenatal care & other healthcare to the villagers, teach local girls midwifery skills, and see Christ shared with the wonderful people there. Please pray as we continue to partner with this great ministry!)

~ Pray for the dear pregnant women coming to our clinic every day, trusting us with their health

~ Pray for our study of the Visayan language! It is so overwhelming at times, but we all look forward to when we can truly speak to a woman in her language when we care for her.

~ That I can meet my funding goals over the next few years. See my progress on the donation page.


~ I have bought my ticket to return to the Philippines and continue my program! 

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  1. I was blessed to hear your story at the North Cascade SDA Church last weekend. I am impressed with the Missions experience you have so far, and the passion you have for serving His children in the most needful areas. I keep thinking that all this experience is preparing you for Leadership, and when it comes it will not likely be at a time or place of your chosing, but I hope you rise to the challenge because God has prepared you for it. He will guide you with wisdome in what ever comes your way.