Friday, October 23, 2009

MISSION: Pumpkin Pie

I have always had a desire to make a pumpkin pie from scratch. From a really wonderful regular orange pumpkin. I don't think Arthur was as excited about it, but being as amazing as he is, he took on the challenge with me.

First lesson learned in the process...There is a difference between a regular pumpkin and a pie pumpkin. We got very acquainted with the local produce stand by the time we had finally acquired everything needed.

The initial excitement...

But that started to dwindle after
separating the seeds
burning the hands
remembering that we needed a pie crust for a pie
lots of unhealthy ingredients added
getting sick of the color orange
it took hours...

But such fun hours! I'm glad we are both so optimistic. A comment starting with "Oh dear..." or "We forgot..." would just end with gales of laughter. Then the delightful end! Mature and complete, not lacking anything.

Makes me think about relationships.
The initial excitement and delight just knowing each other. Exuberantly happy, starry-eyed, little kid on tip-toes looking at a candy jar kind of excitement.

Then time continues and there are little changes. You forget the need to be courteous about everything, it feels just normal to be together, and perhaps even gets to challenges and disagreements.

But time continues still and you learn to appreciate the whole experience as your relationship becomes mature. And even laugh at the mistakes.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Beginning Again

It is time to rebirth this blog, for multiple reasons.

1) I feel the urge to just write
2) Give my parents another way to know that I'm alive across the miles besides having to join facebook :)
3) To recognize the amazing little things that happen throughout my days that I don't take the time to notice
4) In writing, scattered, fragmented thoughts become whole
5) I am inspired and refreshed whenever I read Sonya or Emily's blogs or one of the multiple friends out as SMs. So perhaps that inspiration that I gain from them will pass on to someone else as I explore the fullness of life in and around me.