Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sarah is Safe in Chad & God is in Control

I talked to Sarah today. The phone lines (and internet) were shut down last weekend by the Chad government to keep the rebels from communicating with each other. The phone lines have been opened back up, but not internet. All your comments and emails are waiting for Sarah to log in once the internet is back on. Please continue to pray for the safety of the missionaries in Bere and for those still planning to travel in the near future (in & out of Chad). The rebels have been sent back to Sudan, but could return (last time they waited over a year to return).

Rich's radio is not an international ham radio, so they are not able to talk outside of Chad on it. I have received comforting news from the missionary group TEAM (that Rich & Anne belong to). They informed me that Gary (with his Cessna plane) is ready to evacuate the SM girls to Cameroon if the need arises. Lets all pray that it won't get to that.

Please post comments for Sarah to read your encouraging words once the internet is back on in Chad. There are still patients to help at the hospital and God's work must continue in Bere.
...posted by Sarah's dad (Terry).

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Chad needs your Prayers

Please pray for God to control the political situation in Chad. Some Rebels from Sudan (Darfur region) have taken over the capital of N'Djamena today and may overthrow the current government. Sarah is located far from the capital in a small village off the main roads, so should not see results from the fighting. They have a contact in N'Djamena to keep them informed by ham radio. Your prayers would be appreciated. See comment section for link to the latest news in Chad.