Sunday, January 20, 2008


January 16
So Hans and I are suffering from a bad strain of Giardia. It is an awful parasite that I deem worse than malaria. Half of the problem is the medicine for it, my most hated: metronidazole. It is a nasty, despicable, incredibly awful yellow pill that I have to take 8 of at once for three days. I can be feeling fairly ok, despite the ongoing diarrhea, fever, and stomach cramps. Then I take my metronidazole dose...Aah!!! The nausea goes on and on so that I can't even sleep at night, sometimes ending in finally throwing up. It leaves a nasty bitter, yellow taste in my mouth constantly and drains me of all energy. Thankfully I took my last dose today, so I should be feeling better in a couple days. I just warn you to never, Never, NEVER!!!! get Giardia or any kind of bug that requires taking metronidazole to get rid of it!

Well, there aren't very many diseases left for me to get here. I've only had malaria twice, while poor Sonya has suffered from it every month. Never take for granted your health! It is a wonderful thing to be healthy; something we all enjoy here when we have it, since it gets taken from us so often.

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