Monday, September 15, 2008

Joy and Tragedy

I am now well into school at Union College out in Nebraska and just recently received some news from Rich & Anne in Tchad. The wonderful news is that Steve has finally been released from the rebel group holding him since last October when I was there!!! Welcome home Steve!
However, that was followed by a horrible accident where 3 of the TEAM missionaries were killed in a car crash with a public bus. Please pray for the group in Tchad and the families involved. It has been quite a shock. I knew Kathrin, and met Rudi once up in the capital. Sandra had just arrived 2 days earlier to be a short-term missionary at a school. Although I didn't know her, her death is almost affecting the most, as I think about her being the same age as me when I arrived in Tchad last year.
I wish I could be there right now.

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  1. Note to self - no looking at blogs, especially of SMs or Africa, at bedtime. Somehow, Evan's blog in Argentina will link to Appel's at Bere, and onward, and I'll be left knowing that sleep calls, along with all the daily responsibilities of every school Monday, but trapped and drawn on by the words and images that remind me of my homes and families, of life in the world where purpose, if questioned, is not because it seems one is not needed, but because the needs seem so much more than anyone can impact. Where worries come suddenly like the daily afternoon rainpours - and pass just as quickly, leaving room for moments of wonder, rather than brooding on the horizon as tests and bills and papers, approaching and passing slowly. Full stop. I will make my fingers stop thinking, even knowing my mind may not follow suit.