Friday, December 14, 2007


Rich & Anne have a kitten that I've fallen in love with while staying here. Her name is Bandit and she is quite a bundle of energy and curiosity. The other day she really showed that she's a kitten after my own heart...

Allison and I woke up one morning and couldn't find Bandit anywhere. Rich had taken the car to go visit someone and Anne was gone at the church. We searched everywhere inside and outside in the enclosed courtyard.

When Anne came home a few hours later, we mentioned that we hadn't seen Bandit all morning. She immediately became worried because Bandit had showed a curiosity for the car and liked to climb up under the engine. She called Rich to let him know and tell him to check along the road on the way back. He searched all the way home for a flattened kitty or one hiding in the bushes.

Finally he got back to the gate and told his guard to be on the lookout. A lady standing nearby called out, "Oh, the cat is already found."

Apparently Bandit had climbed up under the car, rode out to the gate, jumped down outside and began exploring. A Tchadian woman caught her and took her home to her hut.

Rich finally convinced the woman at the gate to show him which home. Nobody was around, but he saw a bucket overturned, and soon Bandit was found, crouched underneath. Her collar was gone, showing that the woman had hoped to keep her, but now she is home, none worse for the wear except for a hoarse voice from crying for hours and a big appetite. A few days later, someone dropped off her's amazing how everyone knows everyone else's business here. You can't do anything without somebody seeing you.

I have ambitions for Bandit becoming a great adventurer...

Picture: Bandit and I


  1. Navy saves teen whose appendix burst on cruise - Girl fell ill off the coast of Baja California, was helicoptered to military ship

    SAN DIEGO - A teenager who underwent surgery at sea after her appendix ruptured on a Mexican cruise returned to the mainland Tuesday aboard the U.S. aircraft carrier that came to her rescue.

    Laura Montero, 14, fell ill aboard the Dawn Princess off the coast of Baja California. The Bahamian ship sent out a distress call Friday that was answered by the USS Ronald Reagan, which was on training maneuvers about 500 miles away.

    The nuclear carrier was the closest ship with a hospital facility, according to a news release from the Navy. It steamed overnight toward the cruise ship, which was about 250 miles northwest of Cabo San Lucas when the call went out.

    A helicopter took off from the Reagan around 5 a.m. Saturday to close the final 175-mile gap between the ships. The crew arrived after a 45-minute flight and lowered a medic onto the cruise ship deck in a basket because there wasn't space to land, said Lt. Cmdr. Gregory Leland, the pilot.

    Montero, who was on an antibiotic drip, was loaded into a litter basket, lifted into the helicopter and flown back to the Reagan for surgery. Her mother stayed aboard the cruise ship.

    "We practice this all the time, but this is the first time I've pulled a civilian off a cruise ship," Leland said.

    Montero, of Albion, Ill., is expected to make a full recovery.

    The Dawn Princess returned to San Diego over the weekend. The Reagan, which carries up to 6,000 crew and costs about $2.5 million a day to operate while under way, returned Tuesday morning, its scheduled return from the training tour.

    It took the entire US Navy to save this girl, but it only prayer to save Sarah.

    We are still thinking of you, Dan Jeffus.

  2. Just wanted to wish you a very merry Christmas! How fun to celebrate in a different country :) I hope you have a wonderful holiday filled with memories you can carry with you for life!
    Merry Christmas from Jeremy & Amy

  3. Hey Sarah-
    your kitten is adorable:) I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season- and my family has been praying for you... we were in portland this last weekend- it rained the whole time and I couldn't stop thinking about how we argue about whether Southern Oregon or Northern Oregon weather is better- what's the temperature like right now? Miss ya as always:)

  4. Hey Sarah! Hope you have a great Christmas and New Year! My sisters birthday is on New Years day! I have been praying for you. :)

  5. Hi Sarah,
    Enjoy your vacation in Cameroon. Have a Happy New Year and enjoy those moto taxi rides. May God continue to bless you and keep you safe in your travels. Our prayers will be with you as you cross the border on Sunday.
    Love, Dad