Friday, December 14, 2007


For Thanksgiving, we all gathered at Rich & Anne's house where I was staying while recovering. The 4 of us SMs, contributed with what we had received in packages. I made 2 pumpkin pies, yams, Jell-O, and donated a can of olives & cranberries. Liz & Sonya made a wonderful apple pie and Sarah made some special Danish gravy. Anne found 2 small chickens to bake in place of a turkey, made stuffing from whatever she could find, and ice cream! It was a feast complete with cold sodas with our dessert.

You can see everyone in the picture I'm sending (except for me since I took it). Rich & Anne are in front, James with the chicken in his mouth and blocking Sarah behind him, Allison at the back (a friend staying with Rich & Anne), and Liz, Sonya & Hans on the right. We also watched a tape of the Super Bowl from a few years ago that Rich had...have to have football on Thanksgiving! Hope you all had a great holiday as well.

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