Sunday, February 3, 2008

Chad needs your Prayers

Please pray for God to control the political situation in Chad. Some Rebels from Sudan (Darfur region) have taken over the capital of N'Djamena today and may overthrow the current government. Sarah is located far from the capital in a small village off the main roads, so should not see results from the fighting. They have a contact in N'Djamena to keep them informed by ham radio. Your prayers would be appreciated. See comment section for link to the latest news in Chad.


  1. See: for updates to the fighting in Chad. I talked to Sarah this morning and they are doing fine. Pray.

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Both Greg and I have been reading your stories and those of the docs this weekend. We are amazed and inspired by all that you encounter. It's definitely a walk of faith and we are blessed just hearing about your journey. Hang in there and know life will be far too tame once you return stateside!

    All the inequity and suffering you process there is a big reminder to me that we were made for eternity. I know it's tough but God will make it right one day! Courage and blessing to all of you.

    Sandi Phillips

  3. Sarah,
    Just to let you know that we both are praying for you and the country. This is just mind boggling what is going on all over the world. We know that Jesus is coming soon.
    Love and prayers
    Darlene and John

  4. Hey Sarah!
    We are definitely praying for you and checking up on the news. Maybe you can pray for me too...Caleb and I just got engaged today :) Lots of puzzles and lots of craziness and today was a nice day so we had a picnic and I solved the last puzzle and he proposed :) so...ya...just thought you'd like to know :) Take care of yourself, and no more sicknesses :)

  5. Hi Sarah,

    I have finally have found a way of conntect you. You have done well publishing here.

    We have been praying for yous'. And keeping up with our prayers if God wants us to come back to help with the satelite set up in tchad.

    God Bless you guys and keep courage, God is looking over us.

    Lily and Paul

  6. To Sarah's Parents,
    Sonya who is with Sarah is my daughter.

    I was wondering who their Ham Radio contact was at the hospital.
    Could you please either email me or call with information.

    Sarah's blog is all the news I've heard.

    Greg Reaves

  7. ditto the ham radio contact...
    I have my license and am wondering if I can get in direct contact this way.

    If you have the contact; email me
    Also, any updates on the developments in chad? Are they evacuating all Americans? or just those near the capital?
    Lisa Hulse

  8. Sarah,

    Je suis le médicin qui a travaillé au CM Béré 1976/78. Cést la premiere fois q je vois photos e videos d Hôpital. Je suis très contents si . Pourriait recevoir l àdresse de votre email? est ce que exist energie eletric dejá a Beré/

    Helio Rocumback au Brèsil

  9. Hi, Sarah,

    Happy Birthday! You are constantly in our prayers. We miss you lots! We'll keep checking on the situation in Chad and keep that in our prayers as well.

    Love ya, Lynda H.