Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A week pursuing God...

So yesterday ever since I woke up, I had this intense feeling that God was trying to get my attention. I spent a while praying, contemplating, listening...but felt like I wasn't every truly giving God all of my attention because of all the distractions on my mind. I also haven't had the time with God these last couple weeks that I wish to have each day. So this led me to my decision that I am going on a fast this week. I have never fasted before, but felt lead to do it, so I will be fasting until Sabbath - just liquids and some fruit to keep me from my propensity to pass out :-) I'm also going to cut my study time in half each day, and use the extra time to completely focus on God and my relationship with him. I think it is going to be difficult but also very rewarding. I don't expect necessarily that God is going to reveal some amazing thing to me...maybe all he wants is for me to see how such a daily focus on him can change my thoughts and keep me looking up more. I just ask that you keep me in your prayers this week. I just realized that God sure picked the right week to challenge me in making time for him as I just received my French course that adds 3 credits to my already full class load. AND I am starting my 2nd job tomorrow that will probably add about 20 hrs. of work to my week. But I'm determined to do this - this week.

Part of my goal...

"The place where we must always register God's presence is in our minds, our thoughts and feelings, our inner being. That means that my job in my spiritual life is to learn to continually focus my attention on God...the practice of spiritual life boils down to one single statement from Scripture: 'I have set the Lord always before me.' Psalm 16:8"
-Now What by John Ortberg (one of my favorite authors)


  1. Hey you-
    hows the studying going??? I am praying for you-
    Love ya,

  2. Hello, I like the blog.
    It is beautiful.
    Sorry not write more, but my English is bad writing.
    A hug from Portugal

  3. Haven't heard much about how this went - I know God got you through it, and the being sick that came at the same time. Did you learn or hear anything worth sharing?