Wednesday, December 10, 2008

O Christmas Tree...

This Sabbath I got to go find a Christmas tree to cut down with my friends Keri and David. I couldn't help but think of when Liz and I decided we needed to find and cut one down in Africa last year. That "tree" had 3-inch thorns sticking out of it, but otherwise I would have to say that trees here in Nebraska look as Charlie Brownish as the bushes we found in Africa -- rather sparse. But it smells good! Everyone on our hall can smell our tree.


  1. Well despite it's Charlie Brownish feel, it's super cure and Christmassy :) Where in the world did you even find a tree in Nebraska?

  2. yeah to christmas trees!! I offten think about that visious tree we had last year.

  3. My car still smells nice and Christmasy, too.