Monday, January 25, 2010

Haiti Blogs

I just returned from a week down in Haiti helping with relief efforts after the January 7.0 earthquake that devastated the country. In many ways, I felt like I was going home, being the first time I've been back overseas in a third-world country since my year in Africa. Every night as I crashed on my pad for sleep, I did some journaling. There was so much to write about, although my exhaustion kept me from documenting all of it.

However, I now plan on typing up my journaling one day or so at a time to share our experiences. For those that don't know, a group of 4 students and a faculty member from my college were given the chance to travel down to Haiti for 5 days and start relief work with plans of more students to come later on. It was a great chance to use our skills that we have learned in the myriad of classes we've gone through for our degree in International Rescue and Relief. The college was amazing in so quickly approving our trip, excusing us from classes, and providing the financial means until we can raise the money to cover it. I found out last Friday evening I was part of the group leaving, and we were on the plane by Sunday morning! Bit of a hectic rush getting packed for the unknown, trying to get typhoid shots in the middle of a holiday weekend, and answering all the reporters' questions.

Anyway, the trip started with a day of traveling to Miami, and busy evening of gathering needed supplies...

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