Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nous sommes arrives.....or llegado....

We have arrived in Managua, Nicaragua! (and there is internet at the hotel!) Every time I open my mouth to speak, French comes out instead of Spanish. It's like being in a foreign country brings out the foreign language, but not necessarily the one that fits. I say "avec" instead of "con", "oui" instead of "si", "et" instead of "y", "ici" instead of "aqui"...and it's those little words that mess up my sentences. We stayed the night at a very nice hotel across the street from the airport and are planning to pack up the bus and leave at 11am after exchanging some money. Should be an epic 30 hour trip across the country. So long! But it will be great to see the entire stretch of the country from west to east, Managua to Puerto Cabeza and then north and inland into Francia Sirpi. Can't wait!


  1. Lucky you to get the chance to cross the whole country of Nicaragua. Take lots of photos and be nice to any soldiers.

    May God bless your journey.

  2. HAHA! I understand COMPLETELY what it is like to have the wrong language come out! Oh Boy what an adventure!