Sunday, February 6, 2011


This post is coming from my own hands on the internet. Exciting to be on for a little bit. We are at Clint & Marilyn's house a couple hours from our village. Clint is a pilot out here and they have quite the nice house and compound out here. Can't write much, but we are able to get some emails out through the ham radio now in Francia so I will keep trying to send a few blogs. Mobile clinics have been great and this next week we will be doing an epic 3-day trip doing clinics at 3 different villages. So driving to Miguel Beacon on Tuesday, walking to Kapri on Wednesday, walking to Polo on Thursday, and then walking/driving back to Francia that night if possible.

Hope you all are well and happy :) I've been sick with something for 2 weeks now which just lately has been diagnosed by the doctor as either strep throat, mono, or some other virus. Not fun. My tonsils are so covered in white right now, they look like 2 cotton balls in the back of my throat.

Love you all,


  1. Very interesting hearing about all those bugs before. I don't know if you knew but Matt's favorite bugs are the cockroaches.
    Anyway, hope you feel better and keep helping people out there.
    Please take care of yourself too.

  2. Happy Birthday Sarah!! Love reading your posts as always!!! Sounds like an amazing adventure already! Can't imagine fighting the tarantulas for the outhouse! They're so HUGE! You're in my thoughts and prayers often and I hope you have a very blessed birthday and a wonderful year!