Tuesday, June 11, 2013


“I can hear your whisper and distant mutter. I can smell your damp on the breeze and in the sky I see the halo of your violence. Storm I know you are coming.” ― Robert Fanney

Hmm...I absolutely LOVE storms. I hurried home from work this evening, listening to the weather warning overtake the radio with its familiar beeping tones and monotone voice, "Weather reports indicate a strong thunderstorm approaching Oak Ridge and West Knoxville. Seek cover immediately..." I ran up the stairs to my apartment and threw open our sliding glass doors onto the porch, ready to drink in the storm in all its fullness.

I am fascinated watching the weather pattern, taking note of the different wind directions, assessing the quick cloud formations....in my next life I would be a meteorologist. And an astronaut. And an explorer. Such big displays of our world and universe make me shiver with excitement. 

“It’s not a bad lesson to learn in the bleaker months: how you view a storm is a question of perspective; provided you find the right rock to watch it from, it could be the most incredible thing you’ll ever witness.” ― Dan Stevens

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