Friday, September 7, 2007

The date is set

My plane ticket is bought ~ I leave next Wednesday, the 12th at 1:20 PM! I can hardly wait, but I also have so much to do in just a few days...I have to pack, take 20 min. hot showers to make up for a whole year without them, cram some more French into my brain, take my EMT national registry test on Tuesday, hang out with a few more friends who I won't see for a long time, finish writing back to a bunch of my campers from this summer, and stock up on important foods like chocolate and dried cranberries :) Hopefully everything will fall together. Today I'm visiting all my grandparents one last time and saying for the millionth time, "No Grandma, I'm not going to get lost over there...yes, I'll eat a lot of good food..."


  1. God is with you on your journey to Bere, Tchad. You are almost there and I am happy to read that LaSonya will be greeting you in N'Djamena (in her blog). Have peace knowing that God is setting next to you while you share with the lives of God's children in Bere. We eagerly await news of your arrival.

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Just checked out your fun to read!! I'm guessing you're somewhere in Europe right now doing some exploring while you wait for your flight on to Africa?? At least that's how it was for us each time we went to Africa. Anyway, got up early this morning and dropped Shaun off at the Medford airport....he'll soon land in L.A. and then after a 6-hr wait will be winging off to Paris!! He's really excited! He'll have several hours to check out the city. The last time he was there he was only about 5 years old and was mostly just interested in playing on the swing in the park!! Looking forward to reading more of your adventures!!


  3. Hello Sarah,

    Talked to Debbie last night and she says that you arrived safely--without your luggage. We're so glad to know you. We'll be praying for you these next ten months as you touch lives in your grace filled way. Look forward to your fist post from the bush.

  4. Dear Sarah,
    Your Mom and I belong to HGQ (online quilters) and she posted your blog address for us to read. Wow! I am so in awe of what you are doing. I went to South Africa in 1984 with a group of travel agency owners to see what our media couldn't see or wouldn't publish. The front pages back home showed horrible stories, so I was pretty scared traveling to a country I only knew through the newspapers and the National Geographics. But, in the two short weeks traveling from J'burg to Cape Town and many stops inbetween, I fell in love with the country and its people.

    Yes, you are doing without a lot of the luxuries that we take for granted here in the US, but you are gaining a compassion that will never leave you. May God continue to bless you and keep you safe!

    I'll keep reading your blog! Feel free to write me at Put AFRICA in the subject line to make sure it doesn't get deleted with my junk mail. ;)

    I'll share some of my South African stories with you via email if you'd like to hear them. Take care of yourself. I look forward to keeping up with your ten month learning adventure.

    Sandy Smith
    North Carolina