Saturday, September 22, 2007


September 20, 2007

It has been a long day. I worked in the pediatrics ward today with Liz and we got to discharge 2 boys this morning, leaving a lot better than they came. They were very excited, especially the one that had been there over a month, but I will miss their smiles, laughter, and playing tic-tac-toe with bottlecaps.

Our main concern to watch over today was an 8 yr.-old girl who had just gotten out of surgery the day before. A truck had fallen on her breaking her right femur and left tibia. She looked so tiny with the huge cast splinted with a brook handle and big sandbag providing traction on her femur. The best part of my day was when she opened and blinked her eyes for a few moments. I hope she makes it; last night she stopped breathing and James had to do an emergency tracheotomy on her.

Right before I left the hospital, I got to watch James drain a huge abscess on the eye of a 4-wk.-old baby. I am learning and seeing so much here!

After work, I found out that the locals were going to play soccer behind the hospital. I was so excited, I practically ran home to change. My mere made me eat first like any good mother, and smiled as I ran off yelling “Je vair football!” I wasn’t sure if they would mind having girls play, but they just seemed a little surprised and motioned for Liz and I to join a team. It wasn’t much different than playing at Milo with all guys, and the kids thought it was hilarious to watch us run. I guess they don’t see women in their culture run, with the long skirts they wear. There were big cows with horns in the field that made me a little nervous, but everyone just ran around them with the ball. It was so wonderful being able to do something without having to speak French and we played until the sun set beautifully across the fields…


  1. Hey Sarah! It's sooo good to hear from you! I'm glad your safe and we are all praying for you at the Ashland church- PUC starts on Tuesday. Sounds like God is using you in amazing ways- I love you and miss you. Try not to get malaria- but keep up the good work, can hardly wait to hear about more of your adventures-
    Lisa Hulse

  2. Salut Sarah!

    Was so fun reading of your experiences!! What an exciting intro to Africa!! Bon Courage!!
    Le travail, c'est tres interessant, n'est-ce pas? Take'll continue to be in our prayers!! Love, Teresa