Saturday, March 9, 2013

Counting Down the Days...

Two weeks from today, I'll be arriving in Nigeria! How fantastic it will be to step out of the plane and breathe in the deep, dry African air again.

It will be a short trip, just 10 days, but very busy I'm sure, teaching neonatal resuscitation at the Ile-Ife Adventist Hospital. While I was in Tchad, at the Bere Adventist Hospital, I heard little bits and pieces about the other African Adventist hospitals around the region. So it will be neat to go there in person, the 3rd hospital I've been to, after also spending some time at the Koza Adventist Hospital in Cameroon.

I've been asking my co-workers to start saving baby Ambu bags that they would normally throw away in our hospital.

I am also so excited to work with Lisa again, who is organizing the trip. Our years together in high school, go down in least our personal history :) It seems so long ago already. What is neat, is that I can remember tromping through the back woods together in the mountains, talking for hours about both our desires to work overseas. We would talk about starting a clinic or an orphanage, dreaming big dreams, never quite sure if they would come true. So when Lisa called me up last Fall, describing her plans and asking if I would want to be involved, I got so excited to realize that even after years of not seeing each other, we've both ended up with some of the same passions and finally making one of those dreams come true of working internationally together. 


  1. YES! Send baby Ambu bags! I will never forget that feeling of helplessness because we didn't have a proper bag. Go with Jesus L'Esther!

  2. If you're flying into Lagos, it won't exactly be dry air! :D

    Excited for both of you, and for Ife!