Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I have started ordering my textbooks for midwifery school thanks to a donation from my older brother! Thanks Matt! A few have arrived and have made me so excited to think about learning all this soon! That huge purple Holistic Midwifery book is crammed full of so much information! If you ever thought being a midwife just involved catching the baby when it came out, think again!

Do you know the presentation and delivery process of a breech baby? See below... 

Do you know all the breech presentations including frank breech, complete breech, single & double footling breech, and double kneeling breech, and how to deliver them? And that is just page 182 of 1398 pages. And that book is Volume II. Volume I hasn't arrived yet.

Fun, fun, fun!!!
Anyone want to go to midwife school with me?!

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  1. Do you have to make these turns as a midwife? I thought the baby just does it on it's own..
    ( But not being in the dark about what happens seems like a good idea anyway :P )