Monday, May 6, 2013


I was very sad to hear about the death of my friend Josiah last Friday evening. My brother and I grew up in St. Helens with Josiah and his brother, doing fun activities like camping and backpacking with our dads, running around in Pathfinders together (I remember Josiah standing behind me during drill marches and always pulling my braids :), riding our bikes to the park or riverfront, and spending some high school years together at Milo.

Here's a few pictures my dad shared with me from some of our backpacking trips. I was used to roughing it around with my brother's friends and remember being surprised the first time Josiah came with us, as he would take the time to help me over logs and hold branches back for me :) So thoughtful!

Josiah, Matt, Me, Nate, and Laura -- Haha! We were so cool at that age :)

Laura, Josiah, Nate, Matt, Me, and Rei -- We had a great time sliding down snow on this trip!

Nate, Matt, and Josiah -- With Mt. Hood in the background

You will be missed Josiah, by me and many others!

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