Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Continued (Fri - Nov 2)

1440 - Finally made it to the post office! All my attempts to say post office in French didn't, postal, etc. My driver took me to the Kelo hospital thinking that I wanted to go there since I'm from a hospital...finally got the point across and learned that it is pronounced something like postAY. Liz and Sonya were there. We were all very relieved to see one another.

1500 - We now have all the mail and packages. Liz and Sonya made friends with the postman that we now call Papa Jacob so that he would be willing to come back when I arrived since the post office usually closes at noon. Liz gave him hydrocortisone cream for his itchy skin problem and a U.S. granola bar. He is happy and knows all of our faces now after seeing all our names on packages coming in.

1520 - We're on our way back home. All of us were too exhausted to do anything else in Sonya found two new moto drivers while we watched the stuff. They look like much better drivers with motos that look like new! I'm with Sonya on one moto. The driver (Jeremy) is sitting on my lap so that there is enough room. At least he's a nice older man, Liz's young driver keeps proposing to her.

1600 - I think I'm going to pass out from pain. I am straining my eyes to see the river so that I can get off and stretch for a few minutes while we cross. Besides the discomfort of not being able to move because of Jeremy on me, my stomach is killing me. Every bump on the road is torture. Sonya helps me try to forget about it, though, as she pretends to fly on the back, flapping her arms and cawing like a bird :) I don't think Jeremy has had this much entertainment from passengers before.

1700 - We are home! I'm so glad to be back in our small village of Bere. We took pictures with our wonderful moto drivers and got Jeremy's number for when we decide to go again. Now it's package time! We all opened them one at a time in front of everyone. I got a package from my school with peanut butter m&ms! Everyone is enjoying a handful of the luxury. I'm still feeling sick though.

1900 - I'm kind of confused, lying on the couch at the American house with an IV in me. I guess I passed out for 20 min. in which time they put an IV in, gave me a shot for pain, and put sugar in my mouth. There's no better place to pass out than in front of 2 doctors and 2 nurses. Greg and Audrey think I'm just worn out from the day and a little hypoglycemic from not eating hardly all day. Well, I'm not too worried...I've passed out before :) They're keeping me on IV fluids all night, so I'm staying at the American house tonight. Liz and Sonya are staying on the floor next to me.

2400 - Woke up with a fever and more pain. Greg came over and increased my dosage of morphine.


  1. Hi Sarah,
    It was great talking to you on the phone this Thanksgiving Day. We have a lot to be thankful for this year with God watching over you. You had lots of excitment in your voice as you were preparing a huge meal with the others at Anne & Richard's house. They are truly a blessing for you during your recovery from the surgery. May God continue to heal you and we hope the intenet opens up for you all there (being down many days). Tell everyone hello and have a Happy Thanksgiving.
    Love, Dad

  2. Hey Sarah!
    I just want you to know that you are still in our prayers here at Ashland (my whole church asks about you!) Soak up the attention while you have it:) I miss you soooo much- and can hardly wait to see you again, just been studying same as usual and mt biking whenever possible, hiking, climbing- what's your mailing address I want to send you a package;)

  3. Hi Sarah,

    Sorry you've been sick. Hope you continue to get better. Sounds like you have quite a story, and that God was with you the whole way. What a blessing! Take care. Love, Cousin Shawn & Heather Dietrich

  4. Miss you Sarah!
    Don't feel bad that recovery is slow. It is really annoying when your body won't do what you want. Mike and I are jealous, both still want to be missionaries in Africa, however...I would have to be the one to do emergency surgery or an epidural on you... not something I do here often. Let me know if the hospital has a wish list of supplies or if there is a way to send cases or if they can actually purchase things there if cash is available? Love you! aunt tami

  5. Hey Sarah,
    I'm still getting word that your alive and resting- I guess as long as your resting you can't get into any trouble- but I would definitely rather you be well- What is your kitten's name? I am thinking of you as I sit bored at the library frontdesk checking out books and other monotony- don't you miss this job:)