Friday, November 9, 2007

Please continue to Pray for Sarah

Sorry you have to wait longer to get a personal message from Sarah. Thankyou all for the prayers and notes of encouragement, we all know the power of the Great Physician. I talked to her on the phone and she is still very tired and in recovery. Sarah is on antibiotics for the Typhoid Fever and has a hurendous headache from the anesthesia during the apendicites surgery last Saturday night. She also was informed Wednesday that she has Malaria again (a triple wammy).

Satin is trying hard to knock her down, but with all the support she is receiving from all of you with prayers and emails from all over the world, she wil get through this. She has been staying in the American house since last Friday, but has just moved in with the Evangelical Missionaries. The older couple (wife a nurse) will be able to watch over her and provide great meals to strengthen her. Sarah was looking forward to the cooling fans provided by the solar power at their house. With temperatures currently in the upper 90's and all the sicknesses in her body, it will be a little relief.

Pray, Pray Pray... Continue to post comments (she receives all of them almost daily)...Thanks, Terry (dad)


  1. Terry,

    Just want to let you know that there are a lot of folks praying for Sarah's continued recovery who are friends of Liz. Sarah is in the prayer list of whole churches in the northwest. You are right, satan is hitting Bere hard right now. The generator is having problems, as a result the surgerys and communcation are being interupted. We need to double our prayers for the Hospital and the staff.

    Praise the Lord, He is more powerful!!

    David Randall (Liz's Dad)

  2. Sarah, you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers as well as the professors and students at SAU and WWU! I love ya girlie. Keep holdin close to God.
    Love you

  3. Hi Sarah -- Encouragement and hugs to you!
    We've a special prayer circle in Collegedale, and you're on our hearts and in our prayers.

    Rest well in Jesus' arms and He will restore you in His strength :-)

    Love you bunches

  4. Sarh, we are so sorry for the latest development of the malaria. We put your name on the prayer meeting list for the Redmond church so you know more are praying for you.
    We'll just keep holding you close to God.
    Love ya
    Darlene and John

  5. Sarah
    You are in our prayers also. Both LouAnne and I know about malaria, headaches and distance to medical care.

    Victor Aaen

  6. Thank you for the update. Sarah, you are in our prayers every day. Maggie sends her love! Hope to hear from you on your blog soon!

    Love ya, Mom Haley

  7. Hi Sarah, We are talking to our Big Brother about you and HE is Good! Joy will soon overtake you!!
    Someone recently pointed out that though we would like to be delivered from the "Fire" The 3 hebrews were only delivered "In the fire".... and it was only in the fire that they "saw" Jesus. I'm so so glad He is there with you! We love you and are trusting with you, Pastor Carl and Teresa.

  8. Hey Sarah- today we thought about you at Manna- it was on Service and Jason Robinson led out- he mentioned you specifically. I missed you on our hike today- it was weather like when we climbed up on number mountain and it was like an enchanted fairy land. Don't forget about me over there- I pray for you every day- God will take care of you- I believe He will...
    Miss you sooo much!
    Lisa Hulse